Month: April 2012

Portrait: Nick Wilson_Select

Just another curious weather Saturday (this past weekend), however, I was able to spend it shooting portraits of Nick Wilson (Select). This wall, incidentally, is one of my favorite walls in NY. Why? Because it is the only wall since moving to Harlem that has never been torn down. Seriously. So much gentrification and ‘re’ this and ‘re’ that. But, it is only been reglazed. It used to be the wall supporting an auto body shop. Now, it is a wall that adjoins a Chinese take-out place and a tavern. So, EVERYONE was standing there watching Nick ‘carry on’ in the street. It was pretty amusing. Welcome Nick to America. Great guy, weather and afternoon. Thanks to Michael Stallings for the styling and Dounia for sending Nick my way.  Happy Monday Peeps.


On the set: Collezioni Uomo Magazine

I can’t do it alone. From Giorgio (fashion editor/stylist) to Leslie E (hair/make-up) to Chelsea (my trusty assistant), we created a great story including models Adrian Cardoso (Wilhelmina) and Travis Smith (Next) for Collezioni Magazine.  I am getting into the habit of taking behind the scenes and post production shots. It is not my thing. But, I am learning to like it. I can’t wait for you guys to see the story. It is pretty rockstar if I do say so myself. Stay tuned.

By the window with . . . Daniel Molitor


This past week has been busy in the old Harlem Studio and abroad. Many upcoming editorials about to hit the newsstands via internet and, well, actual newsstands. Also, I got to work with some,  new-to-me, AMAZING talent from models to stylists to make-up artists. It has been a blessed week. Among the fray of great experiences lies a young new model by the name of Daniel Molitor (Major). Sweet, quiet, and polite, Daniel’s beauty sneaks up on you. It was a nice way to spend my rainy Sunday morning. And, did I mention that Daniel is a musician too? We had great music all morning.

Thanks Daniel. And, thanks Earnest for sending him my way. A fitting way to start off my week, nice, quiet and filled with beauty. Happy Monday Everybody.

Drive-by_Franco L

So, what can I say. I can’t sleep. And, I can’t stop taking photographs. My new Italian by way Canada friend is in NYC again. He is here to take over. And, what is a trip to NYC without stopping by The Harlem Studio for a quick 11pm drive-by? I was feeling a bit ‘shy’ tonight in my picture taking. But, here is Franco in two.

Happy Hump Day. May there be a Long Island Iced Tea in all of our futures . . . or, at least, an IHop. Thanks Franco.

Castings and Drive-bys, Oh Boy!

This past week has been NUTS. But, all good nonetheless. Many friends in town and lots of new peeps pushing through to find their dreams . . . just like us all. In photographs, my past few days. Happy Monday to all. Let’s make this a great week .AND, follow me on Instagram (SWATTERS) where you will find much more than you will here if you can believe it.


Bob_New York Models

Theo_Joy Models Brazil


Greg_Major Milano