By The Window with . . .

Just like every weekend at the Harlem Studio, it was quite event packed. From go sees to test shoots to shooting a magazine editorial, this was just another day in the life of ME. One of my finer moments was shooting, who I have deemed to be the most beautiful man on this planet, Travis Smith. Yep, I have gotten plenty of mud slung my way for saying it (even a negative blog comment that was sent to me about it). But, my camera and God’s light shining across his face and body can NOT tell a lie.

So, I know that I shoot a lot by my window (hey, it is the only natural light that I have). And, I have featured many a model by this window. But, FINALLY, I will give it  a simple theme name: “By the window with . . .” Get it?  So, here I present to you Travis Smith of Next Models NYC ‘By The Window’.


Thanks to Adriana, my new hair guru. It was our first collaboration. Also, a big mahalo to Travis for our shoot-a-thon on Saturday. And, finally, thank you Carlotta for sending Travis my way. Happy Monday Everybody.


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