Editorial Feature: The Power of Being

So, to make this long story short, this was to be featured in the print version of Sheer Mag. Oops, I guess that they forgot to tell me that they had changed their mind. And, just for the record, my name is Sean P. Watters not WALTERS. And, the model, Petter Hedman (NOT Headman) is with Major Models. Someone PLEASE get them a proofreader.

At any rate, It was a fun shoot albeit with many pitfalls. (I cut off the entire front hairline of Petter’s hair by accident; we got caught in Hurricane Irene (yes, I shot this story that long ago). And, because there was no transportation, Petter had to crash at my place . . . to many that might have been a hot fantasy . . . But, with no stores open, food for one turned into food for two, and no tv, we were BORED silly. We gave each other back rubs and pedicures all day . . . I am JOKING of course. I shot him pretty much ALL day and ALL evening. I had nightmares about his face for WEEKS. Of course, again, I am JOKING.

Thanks and kudos to Carlton Jones for pulling these clothes together and styling the HELL out of it. And, because there was no transportation, we collectively did the hair and make-up (this was the last time that I attempted to cut anyone’s hair by the way).  And, thanks Petter for being a good sport about your hair (And, you too Kelly El). And, also, becoming a very good friend to me.Who knew.

I have published the story here in its entirety.



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