A Photographer and her Muse

(Theresa Balderas and her muse Brent McCormack stop by for a Drive-By in Harlem)

Theresa is a photojournalism major at ICP. And, one of her projects was to tag a

male model around for a couple of months. So, I met Theresa when she accompanied Brent on two our shoots. She is quiet and very focused. She was able to capture both myself and Brent without as much as a footstep or shutter click heard. I was especially interested in their bond as well. Clearly, he trusts her. It was magical to be a part of her project. But, to see how another photographer works too. Something that I have had the privilege of seeing only a handful of times. Also, Theresa is one to watch. Great buzz about her already. And, you know how I feel about my Aussie Swag AKA Brent. Check out Brent on the Citizen Red board. And, google Theresa Balderas to see her amazingly sophisticated work.


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