Month: March 2012

Portrait: Louka Taffin

Quiet, classic and refined. Sprinkled with a tempestuous grin and a lithe body of a dancer. And, finally, topped off with a gutteral Australian drawl and eyes so expressive that you swear that he is reading your mind . . . my morning outside with Louka Taffin of Wilhelmina.


Thanks Louka. Go kill’em in London. And, thanks Kelly El. Congrats on your big move. And, Happy Birthday too.


Editorial Preview: SID Magazine . . .

How many motherf**kers does it take to primp a legend? A truly epic moment here. The legendary Mr. Scott Barnhill (Major) being shot by me for issue #2 of SID Magazine. Thanks to one of the best teams assembled (Jacinto, Carlton, Josh, and Jonathan_not pictured because he is holding the bounce). On newsstands soon.

By The Window with . . .

Just like every weekend at the Harlem Studio, it was quite event packed. From go sees to test shoots to shooting a magazine editorial, this was just another day in the life of ME. One of my finer moments was shooting, who I have deemed to be the most beautiful man on this planet, Travis Smith. Yep, I have gotten plenty of mud slung my way for saying it (even a negative blog comment that was sent to me about it). But, my camera and God’s light shining across his face and body can NOT tell a lie.

So, I know that I shoot a lot by my window (hey, it is the only natural light that I have). And, I have featured many a model by this window. But, FINALLY, I will give it  a simple theme name: “By the window with . . .” Get it?  So, here I present to you Travis Smith of Next Models NYC ‘By The Window’.


Thanks to Adriana, my new hair guru. It was our first collaboration. Also, a big mahalo to Travis for our shoot-a-thon on Saturday. And, finally, thank you Carlotta for sending Travis my way. Happy Monday Everybody.

Drive-by: Travis Smith

I have met the most beautiful man on earth at a drive-by.  His name is Travis Smith (Next). If you don’t believe me, book him for your next editorial or campaign. Stunning. And, believe you me, Hawaii is the new Brazil. Thanks Carlotta. And, thanks Mr. and Mrs. Smith (not to be confused with Brad and Angelina).