Editorial Feature: Slinky Vagabond

Just a few weeks ago, Codie Robinson was a pizza delivery boy skating his way across South Jersey’s shores. Now, he has confirmed a handful of New York Fashion Week Shows and started a minor buzz among casting directors in The City. So, it would be fitting that I was his first go see that I would also be his first editorial debut in a magazine. Not to mention in one of my favorite magazines that happened to give me one of my first editorial features a few years ago. Please visit Fantastics Mag to see this downtown cool editorial in its entirety.

Many thanks to Carlton Jones who will pull clothes from the sky to help style a shoot for me; Kanako Watanabe and her team over at Amount Couture Hair for their unbelievable expertise; Epperson for his trippy designs that I NEVER tire of. Ryan Colby for his eye and trust in me; James Nixon, editor and publisher of Fantastics Mag, for always taking me to task to shoot at my best always. And, to Codie. You morphed from a sleek denizen of cool to a nicotine addicted tranny (I really mean the correct use of the word this time; Check it out. It is HOT.) Continued success.


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