Bon Voyage 2011_Round One

Highlights and Outtakes from this past year are in order. But, first I would like to thank every photo editor, blogger, booker, model, photographer, hater (there are many) and fan (oh boy) for their continued support. But, I want to especially thank Ayman of Homotography and the creators of Charmants. Outside of my website, Facebook and Twitter, these guys generated the most hits from their respective sites. Others not too far behind: Mensrunway News; The Fashionisto; Kenn Owen; and, of course,

As most photographers will tell you about blogging/tumbling, it takes a lot to keep it going. But, I find motivation from within. Always something to shoot and learn from. Needless to say, I have made many missteps this past year.  Maybe, I am too trusting of my subjects. Maybe I should have pushed the technical envelope a bit more. Nevertheless, I have kept it positive in the face Soul-less naysayers. I don’t want to make empty resolutions. I will just be . . . Maybe the photographs should just speak for themselves? Again, thanks for the visits to my blog. And, I am looking forward to a continued prosperous life behind the camera. So, here is round one of my two-part 2011 round-up.

According to WordPress, these guys were my top posts of the past year:

1.) Nicolai Lubbers_Colby Models

2.) Devon Spence_Click Model Management

3.) Kevin Baker_Nous Model Management

4.) Faces of the Season S/S12

5.) Diandra Forrest_Red Model Management

Save from people googling my name, these were the top 3 searches that brought people to my blog:

In order, Fredrik Ferrier (Major); Devon Spence (Click) and AJ (Ford). I shot AJ almost 2 years ago. He still brings the heat.

Come back for Round 2 for the weekend.



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