Month: January 2012

Portrait: Codie Robinson

Codie Robinson_Colby Models_18_South Jersey_Star

(Thanks to Carlton Jones (styling); Epperson for his creations; Kanako for the fabulous hair.  Kudos to Colby for sending Codie my way.)


The Face; The Body; The Fashion: Julian N

I am not sure what is going on over at the main board at RED. But, they have sent me two young talents over a two week span and both have booked campaigns.  In this case, it is  Julian Naderer. Julian hails from South Africa. He is as sunny and blonde and blue eyed as any Californian save for his thick South African accent (which he swears that he doesn’t have). He has taught me some of the Mother language. The best word that he has taught me is the word friend: Chana. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. I am sure someone is reading this sighing aloud. Don’t worry, I did too after I re-read it. Go figure. But, look at these shots. He is a chameleon. He goes from leading man charm to English school boy prep to iconic body boy in a blink. The Face; the body; the fashion.

I think that I read once that when one surrounds himself among positivity then positive things happen for you. I am 2 for 2 this week.

Congratulations to Julian and the RED team (specifically Allen for the great find).  Happy Friday to all.

Back by Popular Demand . . . Jan A


So, on my blog, some posts really resonate to the masses. And, this week Jan Aeberhard has been quite popular. Jan garnered 300 views by early afternoon here in trannyland. What a great way to start off the year.  I have never had two posts back to back of the same person either. Now, remember, Jan was just a drive-by.  Just a pit stop on his way to his first campaign. It wasn’t a full fledged shoot.  But, I dug around to find a few more gems. And, for the one person who asked, yes, Jan does smile. And, he is giving Ms. Julia Roberts a run for her teethy pouty-lipped money. Wish Jan well. And, follow him on Twitter to see his young career soar. Thanks Christophe (RED) for this discovery.

Editorial Feature: Reste Ici


Eureka! I present my  first editorial of 2012 featuring the talents of model Rodrigo Calazans, stylist Adrian Manuel and make-up artist Gregg Hubbard in the premier issue of Homme Style Magazine (editor Vincent Ko).  Rocking fashions from Vivienne Westwood to Asos, Rodrigo Calazans is found forlorn in an empty loft in Brooklyn silently pleading to his lover to “reste ici”. We have all been there before. Please check out my story in full along with many other amazing little photographic gems: Homme Style Magazine