Pin-Up Magazine_Volume 2_Kholafai and Kraglund

Volume 2 of Pin-Up Boys magazine was just released this week. And, this time  I shot Lee Kholafai (Major) and Kim Kraglund (RED) for this edition. I wanted the images to be less presentational and a bit more ‘a day in the life’. With Lee, I shot him at 7am. I wanted him to have that groggy ‘morning wood’ (yes, I said morning wood)/ wake up feel. So, I asked him to arrive unkempt and careless. The day before, I had shot another model wrapped in these silks that were imported from India. Worked well, I feel.

And, as for Kim, I wanted him to represent ‘that guy’ who lives in your apt building who is always standing outside on his mobile, smoking a cigarette and, then, in one instant he disappears back inside of your building. You don’t know what he does and you see him rarely. But, you know one thing: He is HOT. I think that might fit both guys. Please check out the new issue to see more images of both guys. There are a lot of raw sexy portraits that will give Made in Brazil a run for their money . . . .okay, not really. But, it is a doozy. Happy Thursday (I can’t believe that X-Mas is almost here).


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