Month: December 2011

New Year’s Eve Shoot_Alexander Needham

So, here it is. The very last day of 2011 was spent behind my camera. No other place that I would rather be. And, I was in good fortune of a great new face from Red Citizen, Mr. Alexander Neeham. Brute beauty and next door charm. Yep. Not a bad way to end 2011.

I will not say it now. But, I will tomorrow. Soooooooo stay tuned.

Alexander Needham


Last Castings of the Year 2011

So, I was supposed to be on a mini vacation this past week. But, I can’t put down my camera. And, I am sucker for a pretty face (male or female). So, when a few bookers called, I answered. Within my quest to always see a new face, I started to reflect on this past years go sees. I have seen A LOT of new faces. And, many, believe it or not, I didn’t post. Why? Not enough time to make a balanced post. However, for now, here are two of young gentlemen that I saw yesterday. Two long haired beauties: one very Botticellian beauty from the UES and the other a Nordic stunner hailing from South Jersey . . . . go figure.


Alexander Needham_RED Citizen_Thursday, 10:13am

Codie Robinson_Colby Models_Thursday, 5:05pm

Highlights of 2011: Stories that needed a home

Oh, where to begin. Instead of my normal pontifications, I am gonna give you a line or two summary of the highlight at hand. It will have more of a Tumblr feel to it. So, let’s get started.

Non-commissioned work that never saw the light of day. I steamed, styled hair/clothes and shot (and edited) these stories in hopes of getting them placed in print and/or online magazines. However, they never saw light of day until now. These were just teasers sent out. Some were really cool. While others might have needed a bit more direction.

Nate Levin of DNA (I reshot this on another model in a completely different style later): (August 2011)


Jason Boyce of Nous Models: Body boy being reinvented:  (April 2011)

Chris Belec of Next Models NYC:  (July 2011)
 Chris Petersen of DNA:  (September 2011)
Michele Graglia (Major) and Dennis Droemer (Re:Quest)
(Two different stories put together; my tongue and cheek on Steven Klein’s editorial about pompadours, guns and death).

Merry Christmas

I didn’t get to go home for Christmas as planned this year. So, I am taking this time to remember what this day was all about in the first place. Reflect on happier times when my Mom and Grandma was alive and just reminisce. I miss my family but I will see them soon enough. I love them with all of my heart.

So, to get through this day, I decided to post a shot (that you see above) from my shoot with Chris Garcia (Next).We had an awesome day of shooting this past summer. He was so reserved and reverent. So, I thought that it was an appropriate shot for my mood. And, then, I decided to post two of my favorite Christmas songs,’Oh, Holy Night’ and ‘This Christmas’. I like this version of ‘Holy Night’ by Celine Dion. Trust me, if you are NOT a fan of hers, just listen to the very end of this song. It will move you. And, my other Christmas fave is ‘This Christmas’ by Donny Hathaway. Amazing.


Merry Christmas. I will see you cats in a few days when I will return to my more INappropriate self.