Happy Birthday Kim K

So, Kim went from crawling around on my floor for a casting to booking Macy’s to booking a few editorials (2 with me alone) to musing for Renie Saliba to preening for Bruce Weber to Models.com’s Model of the Week in less  than 3 weeks with countless other scenarios too long to mention here save for one:  his birthday.  Happy Birthday Bro/Dude/Bruh/Kim. And, by the way, these shots above are in between shots of the two editorials that we shot in one day.  Below are two shots from one of the editorials. So, yes, I have shot Kim in clothes too. Happy Birthday Kim. And, Happy Monday to all.

If you would like to wish Kim a happy birthday, follow him on Twitter @kimkraglund. You will be able to follow his journey here in NYC. And, while you are at it, follow me too: @watterswithtwot.


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