The Adventures of Winter

For those of you who follow my blog, you will know that I shot one of my closest’s friend’s baby with male model Eugeniy. Back then, Winter was just 7 months old. I remember the day clearly. She could barely sit on the stool. In fact, her Dad was her holding her from behind and I had to photoshop his hands out of the shot. So, now, Ms. Winter is making her Holiday card debut. I was honored with shootingWinter with her parents for their 2011 Holiday card. They didn’t want anything fancy, right? No, they wanted a card with all of them JUMPING for JOY including little Ms. Winter. So, with some photoshop magic, I attempted to have them jump seamlessly. Here is one of the results below.

I know that most of the work that I feature here is that of some over sexed male drone looking to make it onto a billboard in Times Square. However, I shoot A LOT of other projects. For some reason, I wanted to share this one. I have taken pics of Ms. Winter since she was 1 day old. So, from time to time, we will visit her and see how tall she gets. You can see here that she already has quite the personality. Just a little sweet angel that has the most infectious giggle that you swear Shirley Temple was in the room. Okay. Enough gushing. Hopefully, this will put a smile on your faces.  And, Happy Tuesday.


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