Month: November 2011

Portrait_Vincent Von Harrington

Even his name sounds like a star, Vincent Von Harrington (DNA). Love it. I met Vincent earlier this year through his mother agent at U Model Management. And, one of our collaborations brought us these images. Steely, cool and mysterious is how I would describe Vincent in front of the camera. He flips it. Outside of that, he is a goofball, funny and the MOST POLITE MODEL THAT I EVER MET/SHOT/WHATEVER. Seriously. Really classy. That is a lot coming from my déclassé tranny mouth. Vince has done well for himself this year by booking Givenchy exclusive in Paris to quite a few editorials in his very short career. I wanted to share these images. Thanks Mike for the introducing me to Vince. And, Vince keep rocking it out.  And, Happy Hump Day.


November 28, 2011_Happy Birthday to ME


When I was a small child, I never understood what my Grandmother meant when she would say: “All I want for my birthday is my health and my strength”.  Some many years later, I get it. I can stand on my two feet; I can walk on my own; I can breath on my own; I can wipe own ass; And, Lord knows, that I can feed myself; I have a clear mind; And, I can do for myself.  So, I guess, I have ‘my health and my strength’. I  am happy to be alive and know who I am. I have much to do yet in this life. I thank God for the opportunity to do so. I am blessed. I am blessed with family, friends, passion and wealth of knowledge. Happy Birthday to me. And, a very very unusally Happy Monday.

The Patriota Twins_Revisited


In honor of the new Made in Brazil #4 magazine launch (along with sexy feature on, I am revisiting a casting call that I had with Marcio and Marcos Patriota a few weeks back. They are the new twins  to beat at the moment.Oozing with unadulterated sex appeal, the Patriota twins set my studio on fire a few weeks back. See if you can tell who’s who in my outtake feature on them. Hey, I figure that this is great way to kick off the ‘Black Friday’  frenzy. And, remember, there are only three shopping days left until my Birthday. Times a ticking.  Happy Friday Trannies.

Drive_By: One Shoe_Matti C

So, we are 1 day away from Thanksgiving and 5 days away from my Birthday. And, unfortunately, on our last day of Matti Ceulemans (Next) in NYC. Matt has been my ‘muse’ for the past week. And, so, he dropped by for a Drive-by. We shot a lot as I am prone to do when I am inspired. So, here for Matti’s send off is our Helmut Newton influenced “One Shoe” portrait of Nadja Auermann. Find the shot. I dare you. But, we shot our take on it. And, we decided to feature one of Matt’s assets: His Hair.

Thanks Matti; Travel safely. See you in March 2012. And, thanks Carlotta for the discovery. Happy Wednesday. And, gobble gobble.