These Are The Best Days_Carbon Copy Magazine

“You’d better dance a dance to make the rain come down . . . . If you want to be a star, oh my life.” -Erykah Badu

I was asked to shoot a portrait story on the very tempestuous Jacob Morton (Major) for Carbon Copy Magazine. It was to be a sunny/end of summer editorial celebrating his youthful romantic beauty. However, on our shoot day, it rained. And, it rained A LOT. And, Jacob was leaving the next day to return to high school in another state. We had only that morning to shoot as Jacob had booked another shoot in the afternoon. As always while prepping for a shoot, I listen to my stabilizer Ms. Erykah Badu. And, on this morning, this song was playing in the background, My Life. And, the lyric that introduces this post, struck me. Here is Jacob only 17. And, he is already jumping the hurdles. He didn’t flinch about the rain. He welcomed the challenge.  He put on his hat and boots and bounced “like his ass had the hiccups” in the rain (that quote is from a Timbaland song; google it trannies). Here are a few out takes from the editorial:

You should order the magazine to see the rest in its’ entirety. It might just make you feel like a kid again seeing this kid dance HIS dance to make the rain come down. Thanks Jacob. You are in Paris at the moment. Continue to make those raindrops come crashing to the earth. May God Bless us all; Please, support print magazines; and, Happy Sunday Trannies.


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