The Reinvention of Mr. Jeff Tomsik

How does it feel to go through most of your career being known as ‘The Body’? Known for having the ideal body with sunny blonde hair and blue eyes, Jeff Tomsik might know a thing or two about being known for having one of the most sought after bodies in the industry. Having mused for the likes of celeb photographers such as Bruce Weber, who accessorized Jeff with Kate Moss, and Joe Lally, who shot Jeff in his trademarked puppy dog stare and nothing else, Jeff is no stranger to a bit of controversy and decadence. So, what happens to a male model as he ‘transitions’? Well, he doesn’t become a trannie. Maybe ‘transitions’ is the wrong word here.  Reinvent. Yeah, it was time to reinvent Jeff from the hot piece of ass making out with Kate Moss to the expensive Ferragamo wearing doyen that he is journeying to become. I think that we are off to a great start here.

Thanks Earnest for actually calling me in. Thanks to Angela and Nikki for their styling expertise. And, of course, Jeff ‘The Body’ Tomsik, it was nice to put a personality to that body that I had clicked on quite a few times on Google. Continued Success to all. And, a hearty Happy Friday.


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