Chuck E’s in Love_Fiasco Mag

So, the roll is continuing. I shot a grunge editorial for the youth themed issue of Fiasco Mag. This time I featured Antonino Russo (Major). The task was pretty effortless (cuz ‘Nino rocks) AND very last minute. I had 48 hours to shoot, edit and submit my story to the editor. I didn’t sleep for 2 days. However, without going into further detail, I think that I need to pay better attention to calendars (sorry Vincent). My concept for this story was again influenced by music. For you music heads, you will know where the title of the song comes from. Type the title into Youtube. It is a great joint. And, Antonino is portraying the young neighborhood boy in the song who has love and stars in his eyes for ‘Chuck E’s in Love’. Check the story out. It is fun, earthy and fashionably accessible. No lofty labels but fun casual denim and t-shirts (I just can’t shake summer). Again, my team carried me through (Kanako and Michael). But, the real soldier that day was Antonino. Tall, lean and impossibly sexy (he is from Napoli, nuff said), he brought ideas to the table and didn’t care who was watching him in the street acting a dang fool. Thank you sir. It was a perfect day to shoot weather wise too. Clouds hovered and made for a perfect shadowless shoot. No bounces necessary. And, again, Thanks Vincent. And, thanks to Alejandro for sending ‘Nino my way.

Please support  and buy print magazines. And, make sure that you visit the website to see the rest of my story. And, many others that are rocking too. Happy Monday Trannies.


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