The Satyr_Carbon Copy Magazine

Finally, my editorial The Satyr has come to print. And, the journey has been long. I shot this story several months ago. And, along the way, it was a gallery exhibition at The 3rd Ward to finally the intended editorial for Carbon Copy. The shots have been bouncing around all over the internet which I am very happy and grateful to see. Conceptually, the story was a bit difficult to put together with the various designers that were featured. So, it was not until the casting that the story was realized.  I based my idea loosely on the story of Satyricon. These warriors or satyrs, if you will, are the distractions of a young aggressive insatiable lover in the writings of Satyricon. My casting, let’s say, was very apropos.  However, the process unfurled beautifully from the casting photos to the lighting set-ups to make-up retouches and, finally, to the final print:

The process was magical. Please go to the website and not only view my story and others, but, please purchase it in print editions. I love online magazines. And, they provide a very very important niche. And, there are many stellar publications online such as Peter, Tom and Dave, Fantastics Mag, and Fiasco Mag to name a few. But, we must support print magazines. So, please, check out the editorial in full and hold it in your hands. See and touch the paper. It makes a world of difference.

So, the many thank yous: Carlton Jones who put the creative team together of Gregg Hubbard and Andrea Wilson. Thank you so much C. And, thank you for introducing me to Gregg who has become my new partner in crime. Many thanks to Andrea who pulled it together for us at the last minute. Thanks to Walter Kurtz, photographer, who secured a space at 3rd Ward that only a select few are allowed to shoot in (eat your heart out) along with that fabulous hand painted back drop. Thanks to Sharon Hughes, my cousin, who actually assisted Carlton as well as me. Amazing patience and concentration. And, many thanks to the guys:  Fredric Johansson (Next); Erik Sage (Soul); Joao Zavaski (Red); and Adrian Zuniga (Major). Amazing focus, drive and transformations. And, finally, many thanks to all of the bookers who accommodated my shoot.

I know that this was a long read; But, thanks for reading this far if you did. Happy Friday. And, stay dry.


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