The Sinister Kid_PeterTomDaveMagazine

I have been on a roll of late. In case anyone ever wondered, my many castings and drive-bys actualize into commissioned editorials sometimes. So, in this case, I had met MacKenzie Johnson of Abrams a while ago for a go see. And, he seemed perfect for a concept that I had based on the song by The Black Keys called Sinister Kid.  A boy looking for trouble; seemingly sweet but certainly ‘a boy with a broken halo’.  So, what does the sinister kid do before he leaves the house? He is steely, controlled. Ah, I dunno. I will leave my photographs up for your interpretation against the song. Don’t just listen to lyrics either. The cadence and strut of the melody lingers in MacKenzie’s eyes I felt. But, here are a few shots from the editorial:

Please, visit PeterTomDave’s site to see more. This issue is fire. Seriously. From the 1st page to the last, the editorials and copy are pretty rockstar. Thanks to Lucas (Editor in Chief of PeterTomDave) for thinking of me for my work. I really appreciate it. And, of course, I can’t say enough about MacKenzie. He is pretty new on the scene. And, he SERVED as they say. Thanks Big Mac. And, to my A-team of peeps who helped me out Debra and Kanako.


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