28 Days Later . . .

And, it will be HALLOWEEN. Where did the year go? I mean, really? And, next month will be my Birthday too. Boy oh boy. So much going on. And, I don’t know where to start. As mentioned, I have an eddy in Pin-Up Boys Magazine. And, also, two stories in the upcoming Client. And, another in Fiasco Mag. And, a few other surprises. We shall see.

But, until then, I kept my regular once a week go see/castings. And, there were a few standouts as there are every week. This time Citizen Red and Major sent some peeps. And, I saw an unsigned kid too. Check them out. And, book them AND ME for a campaign or two, right? I shot everything daylight with the exception of Brian, the unsigned kid. I shot him with a continuous light. And, yes, I am still using the set up from NYFW. I really like it . . . for now. Otherwise, I am back to the grind. Happy Monday Trannies. And, remember to keep it positive and focused.

Kone_Citizen Red






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