Pin-Up Boys Magazine

(Antony Knisley_Click Models NYC)

In my head, the end of summer is the last day of September. I know I know, for most, it ends after Labor Day weekend. But, not for me. The remaining weeks are still pretty warm. And, most of us are in denial anyways. So, it is fitting that I feature some of my recent work that is a bit SCANDALOSO.

I shot for Ian Cole’s new magazine venture called Pin-Up Boys earlier this year. Ian Cole is the creator of the magazine trilogy out of London of Client, Carbon Copy and Supplementaire magazines. So, he has added a new magazine that pays homage to the sexy beefcake shots of nameless male models from back in the day. It is a coffee table magazine as he describes.  You must check it out. There are several well-known photographers who have contributed their takes on the  subject. And, then, there is ME. Ian, however, requested that all of the contributors to this venture shoot agency models only.  So, as you can imagine, the HOT bar has been risen.


(Adam Miller_Adam NYC)

And, for your raincoaters out there, I am only posting TWO images from the book that I have contributed. And, as you can see, I took a more ‘glamorous’  approach to the beefcake. Nothing too crazy but for my blog, I try to avoid making this a place where people can ‘put the needle on the record’ if you know what I mean.

Bon Voyage Summer 2011. And, Happy Friday.


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