Tommy Kristiansen wants to kiss you . . .

So, in honor of the soon ending NYFW SS-12, I asked several agencies if I could portrait some of their models who aren’t normally in town throughout the year. I wanted the offbeat boys. The ones who you KNOW but you can’t place their names. So, the name of the game for the portraits was to document each guy in what they wore to the shoot. And, then, I would strip them down (hey, don’t get any ideas) and then re-imagine their look. Lots of clothes and very little time. I did it over a 3 day period . . . ALONE. I did the hair, the make-up and the styling. I shot some Gucci boys to Prada boys to runway darlings to editorial kings. EXHAUSTING. But, well worth challenge.

My first portrait feature is Mr. Tommy Kristiansen of Next Models. Tommy has been modeling for about a year. And, in these past several months, he has booked every thing from Love Magazine to the Sisley campaign to countless runway shows. Hailing from Sweden, Tommy proved during our time that he can sing, dance, preen, strut and tell a joke. Again, I ask: What the heck is going on in Sweden?!!!! Charismatic, sexy, and funny and, not to mention, those steely blue eyes. Those alone should guarantee Tommy a place in magazines, campaigns and runways for some time to come.

So, here is Tommy before and after. What do you think?



Thanks to Carlotta for juggling between bookings/options and such to accommodate my feat. And, many thanks to ole blue eyes himself. Nakama Tommy.



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