Wall of Fame . . .

If you have ever stopped by the Harlem Studio for a shoot or a simple visit, it is impossible to escape my Wall of Fame (WOF). I have explained here what my WOF is. In fact, my very first post over a year ago explains that after each shoot, I have each person sign a photograph that was just taken for my WOF. They can write/draw or whatever on the card and then they place it wherever. Most agency bookers are aware of my WOF; most models have heard of it through mutual friends; and, some bloggers have captured a few images for fan sites for some models. In other words, a lot of people know the wall. So, it was to my delight to see Models.com feature a story shot by the very talented Kristiina Wilson (no tongue in cheek; Kristiina rocks_so haters do not read into anything) using EXACTLY the theme that is my WOF. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you because after all imitation is the best form of flattery.



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