Happy Friday_This past week . . .

This past week has been NUTS. Between the suspect weather, drive-bys, flakey assistants, running out of space on my 7th external hard drive, double bookings, over bookings, etc etc, I am happy to welcome FRIDAY. Yes, no matter what happens, Friday just takes it all away.

So, instead of continuing to lament in word, I will just lament in photographs. I have met some of the coolest peeps this past week or so. From castings to test shoots, one editorial and 2 bookings, this was a busy busy week. Hey, I even shot a woman too. Check’em out. Cue the trannie roll drums . . . .And, oh yeah, HAPPY FRIDAY! Summer is almost over . . . damn.

Jake Gordon_Major

Dan Metz_Colby Models

Maxwell Runko_Major

Tommie Cross_Major

Erik Larsen_MC2

Dillon Rosel_Major

Sarah M_unsigned

Johnny Rendon_Colby Models

Henry Williams_Major

Anthony Greenfield_Major

Boramy Ty_Major

Thanks to all of the bookers, stylists, hair and make-up peeps.


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