Justin Bravo_Next

So, a few weeks ago, I met Justin Bravo of Next Models. Justin is what I call the ‘Rockstar’ model. He has swagger. He is a bit reckless in a boy next door kind of way. I could just see him in the Rolling Stones back in the day. He oozes sex appeal from his hair flip to the skinny jeans to direct eye contact that never blinks to his funny witticisms. I was hooked. And, I wasn’t the only one. Within only TWO weeks of being in NYC, Justin has booked 4 editorials in some of the biggest Men’s fashion magazines to date. The ‘thing’ about Justin is that he can morph into whatever you tell him to be in front of your camera. As you can see from a few posts ago, he can be the sexy jailbait boy (He is 19 by the way) to the quiet beauty that I present here. Check him out.

And, thanks Justin for a rockin’ time. Let’s do it again. And, of course, thanks Ms. Sironi.


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