Month: August 2011

Let the games begin: NYFW SS 2012

So, as I was scrolling through’s bi-annual NYFW show cards (this time for the Spring shows), I realized that A LOT of my efforts were all over the place. I thought that it was kind of cool to see. And, also, it gives me an opportunity to say good luck to everyone from the designers and models and agencies that I have worked with this past year. Mazel Tov trannies. Have an excellent show season. And, without fail, here are some random show cards to share:


Happy Friday_Brett Staal




Brett Staal, hailing from TN,is here in NYC for his first NYFW. And,in honor of the official ‘kick-off’ with the onslaught of show cards posted on and The Fashionisto, I wanted to feature Brett. Of course, I have had the pleasure of shooting him a couple of times. So, for some Happy Friday fun, here is a mix of my play dates with Brett. From long long hair to the short coif that he has currently, Brett approached every shoot like a seasoned pro. Please, wish him luck . . . he is one of the good guys(and, he has the best music selection on his Ipod that I have ever heard too).

Thanks Brett. And, thanks to your team at Major. Happy Friday everybody!

Happy Friday_This past week . . .

This past week has been NUTS. Between the suspect weather, drive-bys, flakey assistants, running out of space on my 7th external hard drive, double bookings, over bookings, etc etc, I am happy to welcome FRIDAY. Yes, no matter what happens, Friday just takes it all away.

So, instead of continuing to lament in word, I will just lament in photographs. I have met some of the coolest peeps this past week or so. From castings to test shoots, one editorial and 2 bookings, this was a busy busy week. Hey, I even shot a woman too. Check’em out. Cue the trannie roll drums . . . .And, oh yeah, HAPPY FRIDAY! Summer is almost over . . . damn.

Jake Gordon_Major

Dan Metz_Colby Models

Maxwell Runko_Major

Tommie Cross_Major

Erik Larsen_MC2

Dillon Rosel_Major

Sarah M_unsigned

Johnny Rendon_Colby Models

Henry Williams_Major

Anthony Greenfield_Major

Boramy Ty_Major

Thanks to all of the bookers, stylists, hair and make-up peeps.