Drive-by_Paul Santo_July 3, 2011

So, it is almost 6am. And, I have a shoot at 10am. And, I haven’t had a Drive-by in forever. But, this one has been the grand daddy of them all so far this year. It seems that every time that I get together with my friend Paul Santo, this HAPPENS. We gossip and try to ‘out music’ each other with Youtube videos. His Wiz Khalifa to my Tyler the Creator or his Caribou ‘Odessa’ to my Kraak and Smaak ‘Keep on Searching’. And, if you don’t know who any of these artists are PLEASE look them up. At any rate, I can keep up with this kid . . . or, we shall see in a few hours. So, as the Drive-bys go, I MUST shoot whoever shows up randomly. ALWAYS. Paul had a minor accident on his long board. So, I had to document the scabs on his back and his side hip. The wounds are CRAZY but kind of rough and sexy, right. So, here he is banged up and SERVING. Fun times . . . now, time for some sleep. I apologize to whoever crosses my path today. Happy Sunday and God Bless.


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