Month: July 2011

July 31st

Where has this summer gone? Seriously. I say this every summer. BUT, this summer has truly skipped merrily along without so much as a thank you. But, here I am reflecting on my summer goals. Well, I am still fat. So, Strike One on that goal. AND, I have NOT made it to the beach to shoot someone. Strike 2. But, mission accomplished on at least one feat. As you know, I love shooting portraits. So, I wanted to work on a different angle or theme for shooting them. So, two occasions arose to shoot portraits of people with very public personas. In this case, I present two portrait subjects: Brenda Blackmon and Kevin Baker.

Brenda is known for her squeaky clean news reporting for Channel 9 news here in NYC. I had an assignment to shoot her for a health and fitness magazine. Upon meeting her, the one thing that struck me was how attractive she was . . . I mean HOT. I was, actually, distracted that I couldn’t get past it (Don’t worry, I didn’t jump the fence y’all). But, let’s just say TV does NOT do her justice. Nice, of course, but, just a beautiful sexy woman. It just doesn’t translate on TV. So, we changed up a bit of what were going to shoot. I wanted to try to capture this sex appeal. I wanted people to see that she was more than a news head. But, very much a raw in your face WOMAN. She just had so much to say. Google her. And, buy her new book too. Follow her on Twitter. She is very inspiring not only to women and minorities but she beat the odds pre OPRAH.

And, Kevin Baker. Well, I have featured Kevin before. This is my favorite shot of Kevin. Kevin is the extreme opposite of Brenda. Kevin is known for his sex appeal ONLY. No one sees this quite albeit shy side of him. We chatted a lot during our shoot about his various occupations and shoots. And, it became clear to me to illustrate this ‘other’ side that no one had bothered to capture. I mean, when you are known for your body, it is easy just to take your clothes off. But, I wanted to show that Kevin was truly like everyone else: vulnerable. (And, if you look close enough, you might just see someone else you know in Kevin’s shot.)

Thanks to Brenda and Kevin for allowing me to ‘play’ during our time. And, thanks to Regina Chamberlain for you sending me to Brenda. And, thanks to Andrew Castro for sending me to Kevin. Let’s make August FIRE . . . get me to the gym trannies.


Happy Monday-Harlem Style

Good Morning All. I wanted to start the week off with one of the highlights from my weekend. This highlight comes in the form of my friend Cody Callahan who is currently in NYC making things happen. I have known Cody for a couple of years. And, I hadn’t seen him in a while. So, we like to mess things up a bit in front of my camera. It was hot. And, there was no time for the beach. So, we brought the sweat, sand and speedo to my doorstep in Harlem. Needless to say, even the gangbangers had to shout . . . and, it wasn’t what you might think. Welcome back to Harlem Cody.Good luck this week on your journey. And, Happy Monday to all. Summer is almost over. So, let’s enjoy the weather and make it a great week.

Candid Candid Candid

So, this past week has been CRAZY . . . but in a good way. New editorial in the new 2nd print edition of The Fashionisto came out. Yahoo. And, 2 more editorials making their debut in a couple of weeks. We shall see. Oh the wonders of print magazines.

Here is a quick out take from this past week. It is a candid of my friend Luca V. He was changing into his street clothes after an impromptu shoot. The light was coming through the window. And, I happened to have a silk chiffon beaded throw (I know I know. Even I can’t believe how gay that sounds but . . .). So, He wrapped his body in this chiffon for 3 candid shots. And, here is one. Quiet and dreamlike . . . Luca.

Happy Hump Day.