That Fabulous Baker Boy

When you get a call to shoot one of the current ‘IT’ boys that has a body of death and face to match, it is a bit daunting on what to shoot. But, add to the mix that this kid has just come off being shot by one of the most famous photographer’s in the world in one of the most talked about editorials in a long long time. YIKES. But, once I saw Kevin Baker in person, I realized that this was an old school model. He can morph into whatever you tell him. He is quick, smart, funny and (beyond words) unbelievably beautiful from head to toe. He reminded me of Peter Johnson of the Chop Suey Club fame. So, mix in a little of Peter Johnson, Kevin’s bravado and my brand of sass, and, you have the most vulnerable portraits of Kevin to date. No longer the iconic sex god but, now, the fragile yet confident man child that he really is in person. You might say that you could see Kevin’s inner trannie in some of my images.

And, as always, I shot a lot. I shot some studio images as you are seeing now. And, I shot a separate story with a completely different look in daylight. Definitely, a different Kevin than you are used to. But, still the same magnetism that you have come to rely on in his shots. I will blog a few of those at a later date. I don’t want to start spoiling the children.

Thanks Kevin for making me laugh so early in the morning and attempting to dance. Okay, so white boys CAN’T dance. Okay. Thought so. Happy Hump Day.


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