Alexander Farnsworth_Boy Interrupted

So, many times I shoot mini-stories that never get placed. So, what happens to these little gems, you might ask? Well, nothing actually. Most of the time, the photographs are just distributed to the model and I will just look at them from time to time. Maybe I will try to reshoot that same concept on another person. Or, I try to figure out a different lighting technique. But, most of the time, the images just remain with me. So, I decided that my blog should be the place to ‘test’ out my work. This particular shoot I titled Boy Interrupted. Why the title? It just ‘works’. And, the model is my friend Alexander who was just recently signed to Major. Congrats Alexander. Here is my most current collaboration. The clothes are a mix of Dolce & Gabbana to Marc Jacobs to Top Man. Hair, styling and grooming were done all by me.

Update: Follow Alexander’s modeling exploits on Twitter. His handle is @Farnsworth. Talk about summer fun.


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