201 Posts and Counting . . .

So, today is my 201st post on my blog. Who knew that I had so much to show and say. Well, it is Monday and it is already raining. What’s that song called . . .something about rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Not me. No negativity lives within the walls of Watters with Two T’s. Even after a long weekend of model mishaps and people NOT keeping their appointments, there was one kid who made it over to the Harlem Studios and DELIVERED. His name is Kyle Ellison (Major). Thanks to his booker Alejandro, Kyle showed up AS HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO. He danced and hip hopped it out (where do these white boys learn how to dance?) Thanks Kyle. Happy Monday Trannies. It’s raining.


One comment

  1. I NEVER knew this White Boy could dance, Sean!!! Lol. Great job on the photo’s! Love them!

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