Happy Friday_Penn Badgley

So, as to keep up with the happiness of the approaching weekend, I present to you the Happy Friday Summer Rooftop Edition. This time out featuring Mr. Penn Badgley of the TV Show Gossip Girl. Well, I shot Penn a couple of years ago when the show first premiered. At this point, Penn had long been working as a child actor. And, he had been in many ‘also ran’ tv shows. So, this was to be his big breakout role. And, it was.

So, as this being my first TV celebrity to shoot, I was NERVOUS. And, it was to be a simple portrait for a now defunct magazine. Simple, right? Well, the day before the shoot, the magazine asked for a full out editorial. If you live in NYC, to find an inexpensive ‘bells and whistles’ studio at the last minute is akin to winning the lottery worth 50 million dollars. So, my options were NOTHING. So, I shot Penn at my studio and on THE ROOF. Yep. So, my roof holds so many memories. So, if you are just joining the program, my roof was recently closed to all tenants. So, I am using my Happy Friday post to celebrate the many photo shoots that were hold in my summer ‘studio’ space. Thanks Penn for being a part of the journey to create some magic.


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