Happy Friday_Raise the Roof

It is a beautiful Friday: not too hot and plenty of sunshine. I can hear Madonna’s Holiday in my ear. Yep. So, it got me to thinking about how I used to be able to shoot on my rooftop. So, in honor of my now closed rooftop studio, I am going to be dedicating my Happy Friday posts to past rooftop shoots for the summer. So, to set it off, is Martin Landgreve of Next. One of my most favorite shoots ever. Martin is shameless and has the best body that I have ever shot. Hands down. He was with RED at the time of our shoot. And, he had just shot his first, of what would become many, campaign.
So, our shots on the roof, was inspired by a Mathias Vriens-McGrath editorial. Mr. Vriens-McGrath’s story was shot in a desert. So, my rooftop represents that space . . . sort of. And, I had to talk Martin into shooting on the roof. From what I recall, it was in the high 90’s. And, if you live in NYC, you know that the rooftops are EXTRA HOT. So, he was dying in these gold lame pants and fur boots. So, when it came time for him to drop trou, his prior hesitancy changed to relief . . . sort of. He was a sport. And, he gave me the best compliment of my photography career (you will have to wait for my memoir to come out trannies).

So, I raise my glass to my former studio space, to Martin and his fearlessness, and to Fridays. Happy Friday.


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