Month: June 2011

Casting Call_June 2011

It has been a long month. But, BeJesus if this year has not flown by. And, as always, I am working on a few stories here and there. And, these are some of the random children that I have seen of late. Oh, how I want to travel to some remote island and shoot shoot shoot . . . hmmmmmmmmm. But, notice that I had a bit of ennui and turned the casting, in some cases, into little mini shoots. Happy Hump Day Trannies.




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Pride . . . Where were you when you found out?

. . .

“Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love… ”

Pride (In the Name Of Love)-U2

Our LOVE counts . . . finally

Happy Pride New Yorkers. Let’s lead with the BEST example.

Happy Friday_Rooftop_Miran

Quite often when I test models, I keep in touch on some level to watch their progress. However, there are those occurrences where you have no idea what has happened. Or, you find out that this person has left the business . . . or, in most cases, the business has left them. An example of the latter is a model named Miran. I shot Miran 2 years ago. At that time, he was with a small agency in Ottawa. There was a slight miscommunication on the day and time of when we were going to shoot. And, he was leaving the next day. Well, that next day happened to be Thanksgiving. The trouper that I am, I got up at 7am and shot Miran on my rooftop on Thanksgiving Day. It was the most beautiful light. And, an unusually warm November day from what I remember. These were my two favorite shots of Miran from the entire shoot. I have never seen him again. But, this is how I like to remember him too. So, Miran, wherever you are, I hope that you are enjoying a healthy life. And, thanks that day for your time. And,hey, you were shot on my roof. Happy Friday Trannies.

That Fabulous Baker Boy

When you get a call to shoot one of the current ‘IT’ boys that has a body of death and face to match, it is a bit daunting on what to shoot. But, add to the mix that this kid has just come off being shot by one of the most famous photographer’s in the world in one of the most talked about editorials in a long long time. YIKES. But, once I saw Kevin Baker in person, I realized that this was an old school model. He can morph into whatever you tell him. He is quick, smart, funny and (beyond words) unbelievably beautiful from head to toe. He reminded me of Peter Johnson of the Chop Suey Club fame. So, mix in a little of Peter Johnson, Kevin’s bravado and my brand of sass, and, you have the most vulnerable portraits of Kevin to date. No longer the iconic sex god but, now, the fragile yet confident man child that he really is in person. You might say that you could see Kevin’s inner trannie in some of my images.

And, as always, I shot a lot. I shot some studio images as you are seeing now. And, I shot a separate story with a completely different look in daylight. Definitely, a different Kevin than you are used to. But, still the same magnetism that you have come to rely on in his shots. I will blog a few of those at a later date. I don’t want to start spoiling the children.

Thanks Kevin for making me laugh so early in the morning and attempting to dance. Okay, so white boys CAN’T dance. Okay. Thought so. Happy Hump Day.

Happy Friday – Alan Carey

Happy Friday Peeps. Here is my latest oeuvre from the rooftop that is no more. This is Mr. Alan Carey. I was one of his first test in what was to be a very long and successful modeling career. Out of the gates, he booked Neil Barrett and Calvin Klein before his 18th birthday.

How amazing? But, when school beckons, you must make decisions. Until this day, Alan is just as nice and honest. At the time of our shoot, he was with RED Model Management. And, we shot body shots for his book among other things. And, these body shots went on to become an editorial and cover for Bello Mag. Great times. Just another day on the roof.
Happy Friday Peeps. And, thanks Alan. Keep up the studies.

Alexander Farnsworth_Boy Interrupted

So, many times I shoot mini-stories that never get placed. So, what happens to these little gems, you might ask? Well, nothing actually. Most of the time, the photographs are just distributed to the model and I will just look at them from time to time. Maybe I will try to reshoot that same concept on another person. Or, I try to figure out a different lighting technique. But, most of the time, the images just remain with me. So, I decided that my blog should be the place to ‘test’ out my work. This particular shoot I titled Boy Interrupted. Why the title? It just ‘works’. And, the model is my friend Alexander who was just recently signed to Major. Congrats Alexander. Here is my most current collaboration. The clothes are a mix of Dolce & Gabbana to Marc Jacobs to Top Man. Hair, styling and grooming were done all by me.

Update: Follow Alexander’s modeling exploits on Twitter. His handle is @Farnsworth. Talk about summer fun.