Month: May 2011

We can wear white now . . .

So, a couple of weeks ago, I met Justin Halley of Major. Justin could only shoot for about 40 minutes. So, I thought that I would take him to the roof to shoot some nice sunny shots. I dressed him from head to toe in white. Little did I know that this would be the last time that I would have roof access as this past weekend, my building no longer allows for sun roof tanning, drinking, smoking, or shooting . . . with a camera that is. So, Mr. Halley, you were the last person that I am ever going to shoot in what was my summer studio.


6 Months into the Year

So, this past week has proven to be quite a challenge with Dancing with The Stars, Glee and American Idol season’s finales. And, to top it off, no more Oprah, the way we all know her. And, then, I had an eye injury. Yep. SCARY. But, I am better. So, with this new found time on my hands, I wondered aloud, where am I on my scale of accomplishments for the year. Let’s just say that I am lagging. I still need to lose weight. AND, I have NOT made women a priority in front of my camera. What can I say? So, with that being said, I am going try to do a bit better in the next 6 months. Until, then, I will honor Memorial Day with two shots of a friend of mine from Utah. His name is Alex. He is about to set it off here in NYC. Shy, polite and ‘raised the right way’, he reminds me of when I first moved to NYC. Open and up for any challenge because he believes that the world belongs to him. Many have died to allow our dreams to become a reality. You may not support our War(s). But, we can surely support our troops. Holla! (Hey, I live in Harlem.)

Happy Memorial Day. And, thank God for my eyesight and memories of me and Mother going to the zoo and getting caught in the rain EVERY Memorial Day.

P.S. Notice the overhaul of my blog. AND, check out my new section on my website called BLACK. Yeah, it is not what you probably think it is. But, it is a process of change. I need sleep. I am turning all ‘new agey’.

Viva Renato

So, I am several steps closer to updating my website. Choosing the photos was the biggest task. So, don’t think that I lied about this past weekend. But, in the midst of my updates, I am preparing for summer. And, what better way to usher in summer than with a Brazilian. Hot off the heels of his ‘exposure’ for the Made in Brazil magazine launch, here is a mini preview of my shoot with the hottest export since Gisele: Mr. Renato Ferreira of Major. Stay tuned.

Happy Friday_Michael Russo

Well, this past week has been quite eventful to say the least. But, I will update you a bit more with what has been my life. The big focus is updating my website. Oh yeah, that thing. It has been 2 YEARS since I have touched it. And, I can’t take another comment about it. So, this is the goal. I figure if I blog about it, then, I will have to follow through.

Until then, I will share with you Major Model Management’s newest discovery, Michael Russo. Half Ecuadorian and Italian, he is quite the exotic beauty. Confident and unwittingly sexy. He is my choice to set the weekend off.

Happy Friday. And, check out my website on Monday to see if I kept to my word. Oh boy.

Stars Cafe featuring Fredric J

I officially call the month of May, the month of Sweden. Yes, there is another post on the trannie from Sweden. But, my new friend Bashar Zidane, editor/publisher of the online magazine Stars Cafe, interviewed Fredric about his fledgling modeling career. The magazine layout is pretty cool. But, I must admit, I can’t read a word of it. Now, if you speak Arabic, this magazine will be right up your alley. But, you can see my photographs that accompany the article here. Please, check out the site too for the interview.

Thanks to Bashar for using my photographs. Also, there will be an English version due out next month. I will keep you posted.

Razor Red Magazine

Finally, I can share with everyone an editorial that I shot quite a long time ago for Razor Red Magazine out of Hong Kong. My story is called Apocalypse featuring Mr. Michael Wozniak of Ford Models. My amazing team is stylist Johanna Laracuente; And, make-up guru Yeikov. I love seeing my work in print. But, I must say the hoops and time after one shoots can be quite sobering. But, as always, please support print magazines . . .even if you never get a copy of that very magazine that you have shot for. To see a few more images, please visit Razor Red’s website. But, for your viewing pleasure, I have put a few out takes here for you.

Thanks to Jesse of Ford for his support.

P.S. Until my scanner is fixed, I am going to photograph the cards that the trannies write and leave me. Yeah, it is bootleg but fun. Happy Monday.

Fredric Johansson

If you have ever met Fredric Johansson in person, you will be mesmerized at his personal style. He is a walking advertisement for Oak NYC. And, once you realize that his wardrobe IS his personal style, you are, then, lost in those deep blue ocean eyes framed by a blonde mop top and exquisite cheekbones. Yes, there is a deity among us. But, this one has the most cutting sense of humor. And, Fredric is as smart as a whip. Once I overheard a conversation of his where he flipped from talking about modeling to the global economy and how it was affecting Brazil. WTF?

So, on Sweden’s last full night in The City, he allowed me to photograph him one more time. I had an ambitious idea of having him ‘America’d’ out. So, I had a flag painted on his face; styled him from head to toe denim topped off with a huge cowboy hat. I wanted to use cowboy boots. But, I found combat boots to be the most fitting given our time in the present. How very American, I thought. Sweden became my new version of America lost; My sentimental dream of a foreigner making his way in NYC to find success; A Warholian Lonesome Cowboy or Midnight Cowboy (cuz we shot in Central Park at 2am).

I love when I can find that connection with my camera to any person. It is magic. And, you photograph or paint or weld or sculpt, you understand what I mean when you find that moment. And, Mr. Johansson went on my crazy journey: jumping, laughing, lurking, crying or whatever I asked, he delivered. Thanks Sweden for your time; And, continued success. Go rock Paris and Milan.

Styling by me of course. And, the make-up was done the great Michael Gwaltney (he did the concept and make-up in 30 minutes). Thanks to Mr. Bonaparte at Next. You rock too.