Portrait_Sam Dumas

Sam Dumas. I love that name. It sounds so literary and important. Sexy and French. Sam albeit sexy isn’t French. But, he is quite the literary genius. Finishing up his final year of college, Sam has been pursuing modeling less than a year. Actually, I met Sam during a casting for Coitus magazine. So, it would only be fitting that I experiment my ring flash skills on Sam with the long distance help of my friend Pantelis (editor/founder of Coitus magazine). Long story short, I needed a ring flash with a quickness. And, Pantelis advised me on a quick and affordable purchase. And, Sam was my beautiful face to snap. Thanks Sam. And, thanks Alejandro (Major) for setting this little portrait session up.

Wasn’t too bad for my first time out. And, if you are wondering what I used: 580X Canon Speedlite and a Ray Flash. I think that with a little more finesse that I might have it balanced a bit better. But, I love the halo effect.


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