Portrait_Louis Galloway in The Fashionisto

So, in the first issue of The Fashionisto, I had two features: Slumber (which was featured a few days ago) and a portrait feature of Louis Galloway of Fusion Models. The night that I shot Louis, I was slated to shoot 3 guys for my portrait series. We were in a crunch for time as Louis needed to go to his farewell party as he was supposed to return to London the following day (he didn’t cuz he kept booking jobs). I shot some simple portraits in just his jeans. And, then, with a wonderful cape provided by designer MW by Son Sung Keaun styled by Johanna Laracuente. So, in a manner of 15 minutes, we nailed it. To see the portrait up close and personal, along with other amazing editorials, order The Fashionisto online. Here are some out takes of Louis G.

As always, I like to thank peeps that help me. Thanks to Jody for sending your talented boys to me; to Kanako Watanbe on hair/grooming; to Johanna for some last minute pulls to make Louis more beautiful than humanly possible. And, of course, thanks to Louis for dropping by last minute even though you were missing a party thrown in your honor. And, as always, please support print magazines.


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