Drive-by Tuesday_Sharon Hughes

Hello World. It is Drive-by time. And, this post is a week late. In fact, I had two drive-bys in one day last week: Mr. Jared and Ms. Hughes (the stunningly beautiful lady above). But, I decided to hold off on this one. Because I found Ms. Hughes to be particularly different from what I would normally feature on my blog. And, Lord knows that any opportunity to shoot and feature a woman is highly welcomed. So, I had the honor of shooting one of London’s newest taste making bloggers around, Sharon Hughes. She is as smart as a whip (boy, am I showing my age on that phrase or what) and influential. She describes fashion as character instead of a thing to buy and thrift. But, perhaps, fashion is more of a function of eating, dressing, experiencing. She is a true epicurean and bon vivant, one might also describe. So, I had the luck of her assisting myself and celebrity stylist, Carlton Jones, on a recent photo shoot of ours. And, the results are dynamite. Sharon was insightful and quite entertaining to say the least. If you would like to see and read a bit of the behind the scenes of our day, please check out her blog called The Shazza Report. And, if you look closely, you might even see a photograph of me in one of her behind the scenes shots.

Thanks Sharon for your help and wisdom during your visit to NYC.


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