Bart Grein not Stein

So, during NYFW, many models descended on NYC to stomp the runways. And, among this legion of men was Mr. Bart Grein. It took us a while to lock down a time but I initially shot Bart for some portraits a couple of weeks ago. They were AMAZING. I featured a couple on my blog a few weeks ago. But, I really wanted to shoot Bart with some of his artwork. And, after seeing his work, it motivated me to get my lazy ass out of my studio and shoot him outside. Bart is the perfect canvas for a photographer. He can morph into ANYTHING that you tell him. And, he is fearless. I had him standing on the sidewalks of Harlem holding up a seamless backdrop on one of the most beautiful days of the year. EVERYONE was out. And, Bart, at first a bit nervous, picked up the paper and just LIVED. A bus stopped in front of us. And, everyone on the bus rushed to the window to gawk at him. He loved it. “Who is that White Boy?” echoed the streets. He didn’t cower; He won fans. It was exhilarating.

I shot Bart at 500iso at F9 at 1/1,250 exposure. I was able to keep my pace with his movements while balancing high sun. We had limited clothing but we made it work. To see more shots of our studio work and outdoors, visit The Fashionisto.

Special thanks to David Bonaparte of Next Models; And, a big shout out to Bart. Thanks for ‘musing’ with me and safe travels back home.


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