Drive-By Thursday_Devon

One of my good friends stopped by or ‘drove-by’ last night: Devon Spence. Well, I haven’t seen Devon since last summer. And, let’s just say, he looks incredible. So, we decided to document it digitally speaking last night. Now, trust me, I am no prude for nudes. However, I am not up for being the king of penis shots on the web either. So, instead of uploading Devon’s drive-by shot, I decided to photograph his “Wall of Fame” card instead. As Miley would say, it looks ‘pretty cool’. Also, it gave me an idea for a new editorial to shoot. hmmmmmmmmm.

At any rate, we modeled Devon’s nude on the famous Troy Word photograph of the great male model John Francis on the cover of Arena back in the 90’s. So, we kept it artistic while giving homage to Mr. Word’s timeless photograph. Channel your male model history trannies.

Thanks Devon for the journey. I think that we did alright.


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