The Last of Our Kind

So, this past week has been pretty busy. In my mixed bag of shoots, I had one real highlight. I shot promo materials for a metal rock band out of Poughkeepsie, NY. They call themselves The Last of Our Kind. And, believe me when I tell you, they are HOT! Trust me, I listen to all types of music . . .even Country music. But, Metal Rock is not my ‘go to’ music when I need a lift.
However, there is something about this new track of theirs called The Situation that has turned it around for me. Of course, they have all of the trappings of this genre: The rebel cry of its lead singer screaming for help “May Day; May Day”; Soaring riffs that crash and bang and swell into thunder; and, a riveting movie like drum cadence that makes you want to dance, scream, mosh and fear that ‘something’s coming’. I don’t know. Check it out for yourself. According to one of the industry’s leading music sites, Pure Volume, The Last of Our Kind is ranked as the number one signed and unsigned bands in the country for this year.

And, you know that I couldn’t resist dragging them back to The Harlem Studio for a little mini ‘model’ photoshoot. I can’t discuss what happened on here. But, I felt like a rockstar that day. We were strutting through the streets of Harlem scouting locations. These 5 baby faced danger singers and me. Yep. They were called everything from the Backstreet Boys to Satan’s Disciples . . . okay, I made that last one up. But, it is funny, right? At any rate, I had these tough Poughkeepsie boys ‘trannified’ in no time. Fun day; Great shoot.

And, in other news, my scanner is BROKEN. Yep. I have had her for 5 years. She dun died on me (in my best Southern twang). So, you are seeing bootleg versions of their signed cards. Notice on their shirts that they have their own likenesses on them. Pretty radical idea that took FOREVER to execute. At any rate, look for more of their work by summer.

Special thanks to Mat (yep, this is how you spell his name. So, please don’t correct me), Jonny, Eddie aka ‘Big Poppa’, Mikey and Will aka Squid. Much success guys and let’s do it again!


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