Month: March 2011

Slumber returns

Well, this week ushered in my friend Carl Barnett’s transformation from The Fashionisto blogger to The Fashionisto Magazine editor/publisher. The Fashionisto has become a beautifully produced glossy men’s magazine with many hot editorials and informative interview/articles. And, as fortune would have it, I was asked to shoot a sweet innocent story . . . well, my version of sweet and innocent. Slumber is what my story is called. I define Slumber as that moment in the early morning when you reach for a nice warm sweater/chemise of some sort to keep warm while you look out the window, rest at the edge of your bed or sprawl on the floor before contemplation of your day. It is that afterglow when your lover leaves you behind to go to work. Or, that magic moment of feeling complete and blessed . . . that early morning mist. Please, order your copy of The Fashionisto magazine to see the full editorial. Many thanks to Carlton Jones, the stylist, for fitting me in between his many stints to pull the concept together. And, also, to my friend Nicholas Brown who found more clothes than I knew what to do with as well.

And, of course, thanks to Paul Boche (Fusion), Jorge Villarreal (Ford), Mark Westinghouse (NY Models), and Thiago Santos (NY Models). I apologize for the 8am call time. And, many thanks to Carl. I am happy to have been apart of your first moment in print. Please support print magazines.

And, as always, I like to post some shots that didn’t make the cut. Check them out.


Drive-by Tuesday_Sharon Hughes

Hello World. It is Drive-by time. And, this post is a week late. In fact, I had two drive-bys in one day last week: Mr. Jared and Ms. Hughes (the stunningly beautiful lady above). But, I decided to hold off on this one. Because I found Ms. Hughes to be particularly different from what I would normally feature on my blog. And, Lord knows that any opportunity to shoot and feature a woman is highly welcomed. So, I had the honor of shooting one of London’s newest taste making bloggers around, Sharon Hughes. She is as smart as a whip (boy, am I showing my age on that phrase or what) and influential. She describes fashion as character instead of a thing to buy and thrift. But, perhaps, fashion is more of a function of eating, dressing, experiencing. She is a true epicurean and bon vivant, one might also describe. So, I had the luck of her assisting myself and celebrity stylist, Carlton Jones, on a recent photo shoot of ours. And, the results are dynamite. Sharon was insightful and quite entertaining to say the least. If you would like to see and read a bit of the behind the scenes of our day, please check out her blog called The Shazza Report. And, if you look closely, you might even see a photograph of me in one of her behind the scenes shots.

Thanks Sharon for your help and wisdom during your visit to NYC.

Drive-By Tuesday_Miami Bound

Sometimes, you know when it is time to go. And, sometimes, you know and you don’t anything about it. It takes courage to seek and make your destiny. Congrats to you Jared. NYC is going to miss you. And, I am going to lose a very good friend. But, I will gain a free place to stay in Miami now. Yahooooooo.

And, this is as close to ass kissing as I get . . . just for the record.

Bart Grein not Stein

So, during NYFW, many models descended on NYC to stomp the runways. And, among this legion of men was Mr. Bart Grein. It took us a while to lock down a time but I initially shot Bart for some portraits a couple of weeks ago. They were AMAZING. I featured a couple on my blog a few weeks ago. But, I really wanted to shoot Bart with some of his artwork. And, after seeing his work, it motivated me to get my lazy ass out of my studio and shoot him outside. Bart is the perfect canvas for a photographer. He can morph into ANYTHING that you tell him. And, he is fearless. I had him standing on the sidewalks of Harlem holding up a seamless backdrop on one of the most beautiful days of the year. EVERYONE was out. And, Bart, at first a bit nervous, picked up the paper and just LIVED. A bus stopped in front of us. And, everyone on the bus rushed to the window to gawk at him. He loved it. “Who is that White Boy?” echoed the streets. He didn’t cower; He won fans. It was exhilarating.

I shot Bart at 500iso at F9 at 1/1,250 exposure. I was able to keep my pace with his movements while balancing high sun. We had limited clothing but we made it work. To see more shots of our studio work and outdoors, visit The Fashionisto.

Special thanks to David Bonaparte of Next Models; And, a big shout out to Bart. Thanks for ‘musing’ with me and safe travels back home.

Je suis un boxer

Interview after interview, the answer is always: I am a boxer. I am talking about the current “IT” boy, Mr. Rob Evans of Major. After two Givenchy exclusives, one major campaign for the new CK One cologne advertisement, and several editorials in magazines such as The End and, most notably, L’Officiel Hommes, it is hard to believe that all of this tomfoolery was amassed in less than 7 months. 7 MONTHS. You just can’t escape his face or that BODY in any department store globally.

Well, before this boxer became the storm that hit America, Rob stopped by my Harlem studio for a go see late last summer. Now, I meet lots of faces: new, old, stretched, trannie and ‘other’ every week. And, I wasn’t so sure about Rob because we didn’t speak about modeling or taking pictures but of boxing. This reluctant model was so humble and so genuinely nice and knee slappingly funny. It is pretty zany to think back to that sweltering NYC day because neither one of us had any idea of what was to come. It seems that he has remained humble. But, more importantly, Rob might just be the first Black male model to rival, or, at least, have an honest chance of standing next to Tyson Beckford as a supermodel who happens to be Black. With no jinxing, let’s give it some time and enjoy the view. Congrats Rob.

Eugeniy Savchenko_Major

Blonde Ambition, they call it. This time from Man to Woman; Perhaps, cloaked under a hat; Or, flying the in the wind; The question of “Is it or Isn’t it” hangs in the air. The Grand Opera in one blink; in one turn; in one hair flip. Very much a man with bewitching femininity. Don’t be afraid. Look and see for his face will be everywhere very soon. I present to you the current Doppelganger of all time: Eugeniy Savchenko of Major.