The Emperor is Naked

Alas, Nudity. I have a couple of editorials that are coming out this year. And, I am very excited about each project. But, there is a caveat: they involve some nudity. As you saw in my first editorial that dropped last month in Coitus Magazine, there was some implied nudity. Tasteful? Well, that depends on the viewer.

If you speak to most photographers, we all vacillate about shooting nudes and to what degree as to the rationale for shooting them. It seems to be taboo to showcase ‘that’ work because you don’t want to be like ‘that’ photographer who shoots ‘stuff like that’. From the greatest photographers from yesterday to some of the most acclaimed of today, nudity can be found EVERYWHERE. From tv commercials to soap operas to your daily newspapers (at least in NYC in the ‘adult’ personals), nudity has become more of the norm than ever before. Personally, my with earlier influences in photography (as I have mentioned Pompeo Posar of Playboy Magazine fame and Helmut Newton), I have never been shy to admit or showcase my work IF it had a reason to be shot or showcased at all. But, it can be a sticky situation with bookers (rightfully so) and the model. For my current and upcoming stories, I was asked to shoot it. One in particular, I decided to shoot it. But, one man’s nudity is one’s man porn is one man’s art. It will always be the argument. So, I just wanted to throw the conversation out there. And, while you are looking at a few shots of my new editorial, please visit my friend Ian Cole’s website to see not only my story in full, BUT, also, to see some of the most inspiring photography around these days. Please, order your copy of Supplementaire. The magazine is fantastic. And, you will be supporting me as well. This particular editorial is in the new Supplementaire Magazine, #4. Supplementaire is sort of a mix of Purple and S magazines. It mixes high erotic art and fashion. I love it. If Mr. Newton were alive, he might have been the editor of this magazine . . . or not. But, certainly, he would have found it interesting nonetheless. And, you will too.

Again, I had an incredible team to help me put this story together: Coco Bennett (hair/make-up); Lizette Donovan (stylist); models: Anderson (you are one brave soul), Tracy, and Diandra. Thank you all. And, also thanks to the team at Third Ward in Brooklyn. Along with fellow photographer Walter Kurtz, who helped me with lights that day. Special thanks to Maher at Ford for trusting my vision for this story and allowing Anderson to let it all hang out; Shameer Khan for sending Diandra my way; and, And, Tracy at Elite as well.

But, the biggest thank you of all goes to Mr. Rucci himself for entrusting his beautiful gowns to me. I am still in shock. Thanks Chado.

And, here are a few shots that didn’t make the cut:


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