The ReInvention of Michele

If you follow my blog, you know that in addition to securing editorial/freelance assignments, I shoot new faces for agencies locally and abroad. So, lately, I have been testing new faces at Major Model Management. Major Models is known for creating the most iconic male models in the world. However, specifically, known for their body boys, Major has been quite successful for many years commercially and editorially. So, when you are asked to shoot a male model from Major, one might think of just buying a box of 2xist underwear and calling it a day for the shoot. However, it seems that Major has been going through a bit of a rebirth if you will. A cleansing you might say. Some soul searching indeed to not only reinvent their public image but to reinvent models on their board.

In this case, I was asked to shoot Michele (pronounced Mik-A-Lee) Graglia. Michele is the male model answer to Gisele. Just body for days and a strange albeit sexy accent. Arriving from his native Italy about a week ago, Michele and I shot this past weekend to do just that: Reinvent “The Body” into a man for all seasons. With the help of hairstylist Kanako Watanabe, we created simple looks that focused on Michele’s silhouette in suits/trench coats while exploring his new found bad ass temperament based in all American denim with a Euro twist (Think Levis meets Cavalli). It was effortless directing Michele. And, Kanako, a new addition to my team for 2011, was just amazing in her contribution to not only the hair design of each look but also helping in over all creative direction. At the end of the day, I think that we delivered a new fresh look to Major. In Michele’s case, the man just can’t take a bad picture. So, we ended up with a lot of great usable shots. For the shoot, I focused on using my strobes for studio lighting for time purposes. So, just a softbox over head and switching out the back drops from black to white to red was the set up for the day. As you might recall, I use primarily Profoto lighting equipment. In this case, I used a Profoto monolight for this shoot. And, yes, for 2011, I am also trying to focus a bit more on color. So, take me to task if you start to see too much black and white by April.

Thanks to the new team at Major: Alejandro for sending Michele to me; And, also, Sanam and Kelly for the immediate feedback and direction. I appreciate it. And, a special thanks to make-up artist Michael Gwaltney for introducing Kanako to me. You rock lady. And, of course, A big ole deep southern hug to Michele for channeling his inner Black Girl from the projects. Happy February 1st Trannies.


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