Month: February 2011

Florian Van Bael

Ladies Man_Jokester_Mama’s Boy_Calvin Klein exclusive_World Renowned Croissant eater. Florian Van Bael back with a new haircut and a new aggression. Campaign season, here he comes. It’s Major.



My first Drive-by of the year. My friend Justin N stopped by for quick visit and ended up staying for hours shooting, catching up and laughing hysterically about nothing celebrating President’s Day. I just wanted to share two portraits from our day. Thanks J. And tell your missus that it was my fault that you were late.

What becomes a Legend most?

This question was asked in an advertising campaign for Black Glama furs during the 70’s. For me, this is the question that kept running in my head while shooting the legendary Chris Collins of Major Model Management. When you are a minority, you are always searching for that ‘someone’ that is doing IT in whatever profession that you are pursuing or interested in. As a young strapping handsome young man (I had to go there, right?), I looked everywhere. And, one of the men that stood out for me was Chris Collins. Chris was discovered in a mall in New Jersey on the heels of the Tyson Beckford blitz of the 90’s. And, for the past 14 years, Chris has been a working model albeit at Boss and, now, the iconic Major Models. For any male model to work as long as Chris is more than an achievement. But, for a Black male model, it is almost unheard of. We shot about 8 to 10 looks in one hour and a half. It was interesting watching him watch me set up my light.

And, then, see how he would position himself, ask questions, and ask for another ‘take’ after reviewing his work. And, the killer part of all of this is that he hasn’t aged a day. I mean, he looks exactly the same. And, trust me, I know that I fawn all over the models that I shoot on my blog but this was different. I have had the honor shooting someone that I have known from my younger days before. And, let’s just say, that shoot wasn’t so great. So, this was refreshing to know that Chris was humble and very open. He made himself vulnerable. I learned a lot. Okay, now, I am one blog post from sounding like Oprah. Positive energy in the universe is a must. And, smile. It is President’s Day . . . how fitting.

For my salutations and notes: I can’t thank Sanam at Major enough for setting this up. And, Debra G for pulling clothes for me to style. And, of course, thank you to Chris for letting me ask you a thousand questions about your life. Honestly, I learned a lot.

Philippe Durocher in the role of a Skinhead

Known as the man with the longest neck in modeling, Philippe D shorns his long locks for an edgier look. He traveled from Canada to spend a day in front of my camera. Here, I share with you a few portraits. As per my normal discourse when I have some time on my hands, I shot a lot. Philippe morphs from being a stunning aristocrat to what you see here, an angry skinhead. I decided to showcase these shots of him instead. It is an extreme departure from his normal look. And, I love it. So vastly different. I encourage you to seek him out on Dulcedo’s website to see more of him. He is awesome: multilingual, intelligent and as polite as a Southerner (post slavery, of course). And, the funny thing about Philippe is that when he gets excited, he sounds like Celine Dion . . . I am not kidding either.

Thanks Philippe for a wonderful day.

Sebastian So Blue . . .

In honor of NYFW, I am posting a teaser shot of Sebastian Sauve of Premier Models in London and Soul Artist Management here in NYC. As most of you know, I LOVE shooting simple portraits of EVERYONE who passes through my door. And, I have been working on a series in collaboration with several photographers for Client Magazine’s Top 50 Faces of 2011. This is just an outtake. So, Until the entire spread drops, enjoy Mr. Sauve.
And, hey, guys, remember: it is just one of two weeks out of the year that NYC has to celebrate fashion. Please, play nice.

And, thanks Seb for time, grace and humility. You are quite the funny man. Continued Success.