Art and Science

So, Coitus arrives in my mailbox today. And, I was very happy to see the final results. Now, it might not be some of my more serious ‘fashion’ work. But, it is my fun playful, sexy side that took form here. Take a look at my tastefully scandalous opening shot designed by Sichi featuring Dennis Droemer of Re:Quest:

I can’t impress upon you enough to order copies. It is quite a unique magazine that celebrates the youth and beauty of men in a sexy, non-threatening, non-pornographic way. My story, for example, is a fun kitschy albeit randy story that celebrates the ‘Art and Science’ of being a man. I shot Kevin Freed of Ford Models; Aleg Romanov and Dennis Droemer of Re:Quest; and, Jullien Herrera of Red Models on a very cold Saturday morning stuck in my small studio in Harlem. It was a fun day. Lots of laughs with some of the industry’s newest faces. Here are the boys and what they had to say that day to me:

Special thanks to Dhaniel Doud of Redken, Chelsea Stevens, my photo assistant, Rodrigo Otazu for loaning me his self designed diamond skull that opens up my story, and the models who made a very tight space look spacious and bright. Also, thanks to Oscar at Re:Quest, George at RED, and Maher at Ford for loaning me some of the best new models in the business. And, of course, the ultimate shout out goes to Pantelis, the founder and editor of Coitus. You rock Pants Man! Now, go online and order it.


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