Clark G_Major

This past weekend, I met a very striking new mannequin with Major models, Clark Gibbons. Flawless skin save for a cut on his forehead which I did not photoshop out. I love the ‘defect’. It adds edge to an almost angelic face. But, this was really my first official shoot of the new year. So, I didn’t want to shoot it exactly the same as always. I wanted to try to be a bit more creative in painting my subject with light. As any photographer knows, it can become pretty standard fare and a challenge. You are not only a teacher. But, you have to convey something fresh for the agency. And, shoot something contemporary and relevant for your own photography portfolio. And, mind you, what I came up with wasn’t so revolutionary. But, I love my strobes. Trust me. If we could get married, we would. So, instead of relying on the quick and easy, I decided to make a ‘mock’ studio in front of my window instead. I rigged up some black fabric and hung it from the wall. I shot Clark in early morning sunlight. I wanted the cold, steely light to nuance his fair skin. I chose to blow out the whites in these shots to contrast his dark features. Without using a bounce, I shot Clark at 500iso around F8. My shutter speed was 1/5 with some minor variatons. So, it was really slow and controlled. I really flooded the light as I don’t get too much sunlight to begin with. I like the results.

Again, I did my own styling and hair. And, see who says that little boys playing with their sister’s dolls wouldn’t come in handy one day. I used clothes that the model brought in addition to pulls from H&M and Calvin Klein collection. It is a hard long climb to Avedon land my friends. To see more of Clark’s portfolio, contact the Men’s board at Major Models.

And, here was a little something fun that I shot at the end of the shoot. I always have to introduce something to make it a bit trannie. So, here it is. It is my Paul Smith ‘knock-off’ comforter. Pretty good right? Very Miyake I thought. At any rate, thanks to Sanam for sending Clark my way. This was a great way to start the year.


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