Buy Me Baby . . .

If you didn’t understand yesterday, here it is again. Coitus Magazine’s second print issue officially launched today featuring 5 collectable covers. I didn’t shoot any of the covers BUT I shot a feature inside. Look above, you can see a teaser shot of my story circled in red (Yaaaaaayyyyy). And, for my family and old high school/college friends, I am sure that this is all looking very very pornographic to you. But, it is not. So, get over it and go to the website to see more. And, support printed magazines. I can’t say it enough. The price is right. And, the current cover guys are quite the buzz, financially successful and very easy on the eyes. It will keep you raincoaters interested for your 10 sec needs; And, for you fashionistas, highly entertained to see these big fashion boys let loose like their female counterparts.


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