December 31, 2010

I know that everyone likes to opine about New Years and such. So, here’s my coin in the fountain on the topic.

I can’t say thanks enough to everyone who has helped and hated throughout this past year. Yep. You need both for balance. Thanks to every model, booker, parent, stylist, make-up artist, fellow photographer, hair stylist, thief, liar, cheerleader, listener, pot-head, porn star, midget, fool and trannie that has walked through my door. Throughout some of these interactions, I have made some really great friends along the way. I have laughed, worried and doubted. I have prayed, succeeded, and cried. I am blessed that my experiences have been rich. Leaving my eyes wide open, I have had the breadth to see and acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses; And, the courage to realize and admit that I am not so great as I thought. It is all about growing with every lesson learned.

Now, for something completely vain and fun, I wanted to share with everyone the top three hits on my blog. I have been blogging for almost 8 months now. And, EVERY SINGLE DAY, someone on this planet googles these three individuals in the blogosphere. And, those google searches have found their way to my door with clicks aplenty. And,in this order:

1)AJ Abualrub

2)Devon Spence

3)Paul Boche

These three guys have accounted for about 10,000 hits on my blog. I don’t know if their mothers are putting the needle on the record. But, any photographer out there who wants to drive their numbers through the roof, shoot either of these guys and post. No joke.

My Blog, Watters with Two T’s, has allowed me to add some commentary to my photographs. I hope that those who visit enjoy what I have to show and say. AND, please, spread the word to others to come look and see and read and love and hate. But, in the New Year, I will change the format of my blog a bit . . . minor changes. But, something a bit more manageable for my life. A long time ago, when I realized that photography was to replace my other passion, dancing (not a stripping), as my joie de vivre, a friend asked me why I loved photography so much. Honestly, I took a day before I answered him. Please, read below for my answer. And, this is where I will leave you guys. Be safe and I will see you next year.


(click on the paragraph to read)


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