Year in Review_Part One

Well, I am stranded in Kentucky due to this crazy snowstorm. And, I am CAGEY. So, after clicking through many blogs, watching entertainment TV shows, reading magazines, you name it, and I saw it, there was one common theme: a lookback or top ten of the year’s most popular tv shows, actors, movies, songs, etc etc.
So, I decided that I would put together a list or two. My list, in no order, are some of my favorite shots of the year. Trust me, they are all random. And, there was no real parameter of what I chose. These shots either resonated with me due to a new photography technique that I had learned or the model was a favorite that I shot (I am gonna get reamed for that one) or a concept that I wanted to capture and nailed in that one shot. There are more shots but I have to spread this out over a few days. So, here is the first set:

(Thanks to all of the models, bookers, make-up artists and stylists that helped me through most of the shoots but, also, throughout the year. I look forward to another fruitful collaboration.)


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