Long before Andrej Pejic, there was a friend of mine who had to be the most eerily sexy man/woman that I had ever met. He had better hair than Cindy Crawford did back in her day. Flawless skin and a tall lithe body of a dancer. Just a confusing mix of gender of being a bit fem but very butch in the same instant. He is now in school full time and cut off all of his hair. And, Anthony is still just as beautiful but a lot more masculine looking now. But, as I was thinking about him the other day, I remembered these nudes that we shot. Until this day, I believe that these are the best body shots that I have ever captured. Why? Because Anthony didn’t care if he had a gym body, he trusted me that day without fail. And, it allowed me to be more open. We had music blasting and a fan blowing his long flowy locks into the Friday evening sky. He danced his ass off. He was hot and sexy and trannie free. And, at some angles, very much a woman until he faced you directly . . . Just sharing a bit of my past.


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